Is My Child Well Enough to Attend Care?

Is My Child Well Enough to Attend Care

Whitsunday Shire Family Day Care follows the guidelines in the Staying Healthy in Child Care – Preventing Infectious Disease in Childcare publication. We aim to provide families with current information where possible, regarding specific illnesses and ways to minimise the spread of infection within the Service.

To protect the health of children and Educators within our Service, it is important that children who are ill are kept home for the recommended period. The need for exclusion and the length of time a person is excluded depends on how easily the infection can spread, how long the person is likely to be infectious and how severe the disease can be. It is imperative that families preserve a focus not only on the well-being of their own child but also upon the well-being of other children and their Educator, we appreciate families cooperation and understanding.

Your Educator may request families seek medical advice and provide a medical certificate stating that the child is no longer infectious prior to returning to care. If you would like further information or to view our Policy please see your Educator or contact Whitsunday Shire Family Day Care office.

Download Time Out Poster from Queensland Health

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