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Renae - Cannonvale


Hi, my name is Renae. I am a mum to twin girls who are now at school and I operate Cherish by Ren Family Day Care in Cannonvale. I hold a Diploma in Children's Services and have made a career in the child care industry over the past 20 years. Previously holding positions in child care centres, as a teacher's aid in a C&K Kindergarten and in my most fulfilling and rewarding position as a Family Day Care Educator since December 2008.

Both my inside and outside environments are play based, which enables children to explore, discover, investigate nature, science, technology, cooking and problem solving through individual and small group activities and free play.

The program encourages children to be creative, imaginative, develop new skills, share responsibility and enhance self help skills. Providing learning experiences which stimulates, extends and enhances each child's interests, growth and development. Family involvement and participation in the program is encouraged and valued. Families can participate by sharing their culture, language, experiences, interests or activities from their home or lifestyle.

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