Acknowledgment of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land,

the Gia and Ngaro People, on which we work, travel and live.

We acknowledge the waterways, flora, fauna, land, sky and all people who live on this country.

We acknowledge the ancestors.

We acknowledge the Elders past, present and emerging.

We respect the past and stand here together on country.

All children have a right to experience a sense of belonging in early childhood settings. A sense of belonging ensures that children see their culture, identity and language reflected in their daily program. However, for children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, there can be limitations around how their daily life is represented. Early childhood is a critical time for children to develop empathy and attitudes that challenge assumptions and biases about people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. As parents/carers and educators, it is important to understand the critical role you play in supporting the attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate respect for diversity and difference.


Our Local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative for the Gia and Ngaro People

Whitsunday Shire Family Day Care is proud to introduce Arthur Gabey, descendant of the Petersen family as our Local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative. Arthur has collaborated with us for a few years now in developing our Reconciliation Action Plan and our Acknowledgement of Country.

We meet monthly with Arthur to work on local projects, playgroups, our RAP and ensuring WSFDC is continuing to provide a service that is inclusive for all. We thank Arthur and his family for their continued support and we are excited for our upcoming community projects.


My name is Arthur Gabey and I am one of many Petersen Family descendants of the Ngaro People of the Whitsunday’s and the Gia People of the Proserpine region.

My blood lines extend as far north to the Torres Strait of Murray (Mer) Island on my father’s side (Zagareb); my mother’s  connection  with Ngaro and  Gia Country. As told by my ancestors our Ngaro boundaries are from the Conway Ranges east to include the Islands of the Whitsunday’s, and the Gia boundaries extends north to the Don River in Bowen, west to the Clarke Ranges and south to St Helen’s and east to Repulse Bay.

Our families have lived here for generations and is well respected by local families past and present.

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